Let me be the first to welcome you to My Man Cave Online. In time I hope you’ll look at this as your man cave also. This is the website for guys to come read what guys think about the things guys are interested in.

From time to time you’re going to have blogs about sports. From time to time you’re going to have blogs about Business. Like most people I’m in a constant battle to get in better shape so I’m going to be bringing in some friends in the fitness industry to give tips.

Being a man in my mid 30’s I’ve also really started to think about my appearance and the way I present myself. We’ll have people in the fashion industry stopping by from time to time giving their tips on how guys should be dressing to be successful in all aspect of their lives.

We’ll be covering anything you can think of that guys are interested in. The one thing that we can universally agree on is that guys want to know what women think. So once a month here at My Man Cave we’re going to have a female to write columns giving her advice to help you impress that lady in your life. We’ll also throw up a picture or two to give you something to look at also!

Welcome to My Man Cave the home for Men’s Interests and Men’s Opinions.

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