Let me first start this off by saying I love fantasy sports. I’ve played them for years. I’ve dabbled in just about all of them. Fantasy baseball, football, basketball hell I think I even played in a fantasy hockey league at one point!

I might even classify myself as a fantasy sports nerd. I’ve played in multiple football leagues for money. I currently play in two baseball leagues for money. I play in one baseball league that has free agency, minor leaguers, it’s basically like real baseball just fake.

With all that, I still recognize the fact that fantasy sports are meant to be fun! THEY ARE A GAME! I don’t really manage a baseball team. I don’t really own a football team. When did that change? Now I feel like fantasy sports are life and death for most people. We root for our fantasy teams more often than we root for our actual teams. If something happens in your fantasy league that you don’t like you raise hell and act like someone truly wronged, you. I’ll give you an example.

I just recently joined into a new fantasy baseball league after being asked by a good friend. They play for $100 a year so they take this game very seriously. Being that baseball season is about to start going things like trade talks and getting ready for the draft have already begun. Yes, we’re talking trades and draft in a fantasy baseball league two weeks early! Trust me I know.

Well people that know me closely know that sometimes I must work a ton of hours and crazy ones at that. As much as I love it sometimes I just don’t have time to devote a ton of energy to fantasy sports. Well my buddy who invited me into the league and I had discussed multiple moves and even executed a couple of trades. This while I was completely ignoring the thread of emails blowing up my inbox every single day detailing every little move going on in the league.

So, what happened you ask? We got accused of things like colluding together. Some people thought I might just be a fake person so my buddy could operate two teams to dominate the league. Basically, they accused him of cheating.   That’s where we’re at people. We take fantasy sports so seriously that we have nothing better to do than accuse people of colluding together to win a FANTASY LEAGUE!

Let me iterate that for everyone reading this, IT’S FANTASY! Not reality. So, for all of us getting ready to jump into fantasy baseball I encourage you to remember that. You aren’t going to win a world series this year. You aren’t going to get a ring. You aren’t really winning anything real. For some of us if we’re lucky we might win a few bucks but that’s it. The rest of us are just winning bragging rights among friends that we did better than them at a game.  That’s all it is, it’s a game not life and death.daily-fantasy-baseball-game2

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