In the 8 years of Barack Obama being President I’m honestly not sure I watched one address. Donald Trump has been President for 1 month and I watched his first address. I can’t honestly tell you I watched it because I thought he was going to be amazing. Part of me honestly probably watched it because I thought he was going to be a train wreck. I watched it that’s all that matters.


Here are a few things that stood out of me in the address of President Donald Trump:


The Good:


  1. Getting Stuff Done- You can argue a lot of stuff about Donald Trump. He’s arrogant, he sounds like a jackass. What you can’t argue is that the guy is in that office and he’s trying to get things done. I was very impressed by the things he rifled off as his accomplishments in his first month in office. You cannot argue with his effect on the stock market. And as much as you want to hate him if he follows through and gets all those major corporations to produce many new jobs he will be doing this county a great service.
  2. Passion- When I listened to President Trump tonight I felt like this was a guy that’s passionate about what he’s doing. I believed he truly does want to make America great again. He wants to do things that will put America back on top as the number one country in the world. He wants to produce more jobs. He wants to make it a much safer place. Sometimes his methods and the way he says things isn’t always the greatest but at his core I do believe that Donald Trump wants to do some serious good and repair some of the things that are broken in this country.
  3. Obamacare- THANK GOD! He called on Congress to repeal Obamacare. I could not agree more with his statement of saying that mandating everyone purchase government health care was never the answer. If you want everyone to have insurance you freaking lower the rates and make it easier for people to get it. I truly hope President Trump follows through with this. That’s one of the biggest reasons I wanted him in office.
  4. Strategy- Look Trump isn’t dumb. He knows people hate him. I thought he did a great job of starting his address tonight discussing the recent hate crimes in this country and trying to make statements to unite us. It was a solid strategy to get off to a good start and ease the tension that was obvious in that room.


The Bad


  1. Awkward Tension- Now like I said in the beginning I’m not a big watcher of these addresses but I feel like this one had to be tenser than the ones in the past. I can only assume it was a good portion of democrats that just sat there on their hands while he was speaking. At one point, they showed former Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi who just looked pissed at the things she was saying. It made for an awkward watch at times.
  2. The Stand-Up Race- When did the bit of standing up as fast as you can start? I can’t lie for me it made things so cheesy and so ridiculous. Just sit there and clap respectfully. The race between the Vice President and the Speaker of The House to see who got on their feet first was stupid.


Overall did I think President Trump was amazing? No. Did I think he did good? Yes, I thought he was solid. There were times where I thought he came off as pretentious and arrogant like he usually does. For the most part though I thought he took the speech very seriously and I think he comes off as a guy who is taking the burden and the responsibilities of being the President very seriously.


I’m sure there will be times where I cringe at some of the things he says. Overall though I have hope that Donald Trump is going to be able to do some good things for the country as the President.



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