It’s time to troll the President’s Twitter. The weekly column where whether or not President Trump made himself look like a complete jackass on Twitter this week or not.

I can’t lie this is something President Trump is doing that actually excites me. Obamacare is a complete disaster so the faster Trump can repeal it the better. Anything would be better than Obamacare in my opinion.

Well I think we all know this is absolute bullshit. I think his opinions of women are pretty much public knowledge at this point.


Can we not just give this a rest already?! We all know you hate the media. We don’t need a weekly or hell daily reminder of it. JUST LET IT GO!!!!

I’m not sure what the hell Obama did to randomly get in his crosshairs but he damn sure has. I can only imagine Trump has advisors that tell him not to tweet or talk about crap like this. That makes me wonder is he too arrogant to listen or too ignorant? Maybe both.

Props to Trump if this is true. If Trump can do three things in his Presidency create jobs, fix healthcare and fix the economy then it will be a massive success in my book. Even if he makes himself and us look like a complete jackass to the rest of the world on daily basis with his mouth.

My opinion stays the same as it was last week. He is the freaking President of the United States he has to have more important things on his plate than stopping down to brag on twitter. Trump may be the most insecure man on the planet because he constantly has to brag and try to get the reassurance of the american people for every single thing he does.

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