When you look at it on the surface to some people Scientology may look cool. You see celebrities touting its greatness. Celebrities such as John Travolta, Juliette Lewis, Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston, Laura Prepon, Danny Masterson, Kirstie Alley are all Scientologists.  Then of course there is the Scientology poster boy Tom Cruise.

Even with the aura of celebrity Scientology has always seemed a little weird to me. Then I started watching the A&E Tv Show Scientology and The Aftermath with Leah Remini. I didn’t know what to expect from this show but after 20 minutes of the first episode I was hooked.  Here are some things that stood out:

  • Violence- Listening to stories of Scientology leader David Miscavige and the way he treated his parishioners was sickening. If someone didn’t share his opinion he walked up and beat the crap out of them. Miscavige also got physical with Mike Rinder a former high ranking official in Scientology. Rinder was also sentenced to life in the “hole” a facility at the home base of Scientology where he was essentially held hostage and treated like a prisoner because his opinions were starting to waver.
  • Disconnection– When a Scientologist decides to leave the church there is a tactic called disconnection. The higher ups in Scientology force the family members or loved ones of this person who leaves the church to completely shun them. On this show, we heard stories from Mike Rinder and Amy Scobee of family members essentially sending them letters saying “Fu** You!”. In the case of Rinder he left the church of Scientology almost ten years ago, and still has no contact with his two adult children.
  • Chasing Celebrities– Watching this show clearly shows you that Scientology chases celebrities. They do this for two things. The first and foremost is money. If you have a celebrity like Tom Cruise who makes $20 million dollars a picture, then you can milk an awful lot of money from them. Leah Remini estimates she spent 3-5 million dollars over her 35 years of being a Scientologist. The second reason they do this I’m sure is because it makes them look better to normal people. If you see someone like Tom Cruise who touts Scientology it will a weak-minded person who wants that same lifestyle be willing to spend as much money as they can and as much time as they can to get it.
  • Fair Game – Fair game runs a close second to disconnection in the most sickening things that Scientologists do to those that try to leave. In the case of Mike Rinder he had people following him all the time. People with cameras filming his every move, his children in propagandized videos that were sent to the followers of scientology painting him as a horrible person. They opened a website completely assassinating his character. In the case of Amy Scobee they put a website saying the reason she was “expelled” from Scientology was for sleeping around. Essentially the practice of “Fair Gaming” someone is to do anything and everything you can to discredit them and ruin their life.
  • The Billion Year Contract– There may be no better evidence of the cult like ways then the billion-year contract. When you become a member of the Sea Org you sign a Billion-year contract of servitude. A BILLION YEARS!!! Why a Billion years you ask? Because Scientologists believe they have many different forms in life. They believe that the body you have now is just the body you have now. So, per them L. Ron Hubbard has already come back in another form, hell he may be Tom Cruise for all we know!


All of this comes under the leadership and at the behest of David Miscavige. He really comes off as this Hitler like figure. He doesn’t come off as someone who believes in a religion. He comes off as someone who is trying to take as much money from his followers as he can because he convinces them it’s what they are “supposed to do.”

After watching a few episodes of this show I am completely convinced that Scientology is a cult. You can see that in the way they pick off young people and get them to commit their entire lives to the “religion.” If Scientology was a true religion they wouldn’t practice these horrible acts. If Scientology was a true religion they wouldn’t prohibit you from conversing with people who weren’t scientologists or shun you when you didn’t convert any and every one you could.

Scientology is fading, it’s not near the popular religion is once was a few years ago, I can only imagine that’s because of all these people coming forward talking about the horror stories they experienced. People like Leah Remini stepping forward and producing shows like Scientology and The Aftermath can only help get the word out about this band of lunatics.

Scientology is a cult. David Miscavige is a cult leader. Let’s hope it doesn’t end with a mass stand off like the Branch Davidians in Waco or a crazy ass mass suicide because honestly that wouldn’t shock me!

For now, I would tell everyone reading this to check out Leah Remini’s show because it’s fascinating television! Scientology. Holy shit what a bunch of lunatics!

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