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The My Man Cave Hottie

Our on staff “Hottie” isn’t just fun to look at, she’s just as smart as she is sexy. She’ll stop by the Cave to tell our readers how to treat their ladies better , how to dress better and how to just be an overall better man that women are going to want. Fellas I’m just going to warn you she isn’t going to mince words, she’s going to tell you like it is. It may not always be nice but let’s be honest if it means you get a girl that looks like her aren’t you going to listen?



Staff Writers 

Shane Shoemaker

Don’t confuse the accent for the generic backwoods Tennessee country bumpkin. Shane will hit you with some hardcore knowledge on a ton of topics. Shane will be one of our Sports Guru’s as well as breaking into some pop culture, the occasional pro-wrestling column and pretty much anything he has to get off his chest. Shane is a very talented writer with an interesting view point who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and piss some people off!